Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Horizons pics

As promised, here are a few more Horizons pics from closing day.

Better shot of the Hidden Mickey

That's our daughter the desert dweller. She's doing wonderful things out there in the desert. (She also has a ginormous booty as seen in previous blog post).

Old Uncle Jules may not have had all the answers, but his space capsule sure smelled like animal dung. (No privacy at all 'round this place).

This picture speaks for itself. Somebody on the Imagineering team was a fan of the ladies.

...and someone was a fan of the fellas. (Aw, now that's really lovely. Practical too. Practical indeed).

Love this pic.

Oh, the irony. Tom Fitzgerald fixing a sub. Subs get sunk in the water. Fitzgerald sunk Imagineering. Ironic.

This poor guy's been waiting over 15 years for his wife to show up. Unfortunately, she's off with her "other" family.


A feat of engineering if you really think about this show scene.

Hope these photos have helped to give you a sense of how wonderfully detailed this attraction was. Can't seem to think of any new ones this detailed. Of course, if you count a ton of tv screens as detailed, well then, I guess today's rides are detailed. :(


Beth Dolgner said...

I can still smell those oranges... great pics!! (Oh, BTW, this is Raven St. Germaine from UAB.)

LenYJr said...

In the spirit of Horizons

"That's Right"

(said about every 3 minutes in the attraction)