Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Day Horizons Closed

So long Horizons...

Now, I think you all know my fascination with Horizons; it was the ultimate attraction. Enormous, overly detailed, great music, great storyline, and never a wait. I can recall first riding in early 1984 and immediately falling in love with it. In fact, while most of my family was off exploring the rest of the park I could be found at Horizons riding over and over. I even had the pleasure of working a couple of shifts there during my stint in Epcot attractions. I sure wish I was smart enough to bring a camera along, but appreciating an attraction and working an attraction are two very different scopes. Anyways, I thought I would post a few pictures of Horizons from January 9th, 1999. Fans will recognize this date as the day Horizons closed for good to the public. It did run though afterwards for events and private parties till about April. Anyways, these pictures may not be as cool as my friends over at Mesa Verde Times' pics (which are flippin' awesome), but they're special to me. I apologize for the quality. These pictures were taken with a 1st Generation Sony MAVICA digital camera that took photos on 3.5 floppies. Also, there's really no order to the photos as I have a ton of them. Enjoy!

As you can see it's 1st thing in the morning and it's chilly. We headed straight to Horizons to get in as many rides as possible. The best part was as we were castmembers, we could park back by Wardrobe (between WOM & Mexico) and just walk in a little early.

Cheesy, but anywhere I ever hear this phrase, it makes me think of Horizons.

I'd give anything to hop the Mag Lev Express service to Mesa Verde or Sea Castle.

Always dug how these pictures moved. Kudos to George McGinnis!

Dedicated to the great Georges Méliès' 1902 classic A Trip to the Moon.

Easy living indeed. I always wondered if the guy getting a tan was the freeloading Cousin Orville from Carousel of Progress. "No privacy at all 'round this place!" Dig the curved design, very retro.

Loved the '50s music in this scene. Does anyone else remember the "beep beep beep beep" that went to the rhythm of the music? This reminded me of the Jetsons.

I'm sorry, but this lady had a ginormous, flat ass. That jumpsuit isn't helping her cause any.

Shut up Scott. No one likes a teacher's pet. As you can see Rover's about to chew his face off.

I always called her 'basketball head'. I know, classy.

The mix of distance, rear projection and matte paintings really made this work well.

Hidden Mickey in Nova Cite

Hidden Mickey in Space Colony

That's it for now. I'll post more later.



Anonymous said...

Is this the ride in Epcot where you could choose your destination at the end of the ride? I have been trying to remember what that ride was called for probably a year now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that was Horizons.
But, you didn't choose your "destination."
The destination was always a return to the Horizons
building (where you started your journey.)

What you chose was HOW TO GET THERE.

Choices were personal spacecraft, desert hovercraft or mini-submarine.

There were lighted buttons to press with the choices in front of each of the (4 possible) guests in each vehicle.

"Majority rules" allowed the choice with the most votes to be the method that you were brought "home."